About us

Strezia AB (556838-2401) is a private equity partner founded by Kristofer Turland, specialising in helping entrepreneurs and early stage companies to reach their full potential. Kristofer was the founder of the Swedish IT company OptiWay, established in 2005 and sold 2018 to Visma Group, the Europe's leading cloud software company.

Strezia avoids traditional investment strategies for spreading risk across sectors and instead decided to focus only on entrepreneurial companies with unique data and technology solutions.

Strezia believes in long-term projects in which the team’s interests coincide with those of highly motivated management personnel; together, we strive to stimulate creative change and revive the strategic potential of the businesses.

We invest mainly in early stage and small companies with a strong record of meeting earnings challenges and in companies with significant potential for growth.

We are committed to exploring opportunities to partner with our private equity counterparts as well as management teams as part of creative buy-out/buy-in initiatives.